Reviews of Sturm und Drang:

 “…the moody country blues stylings loitering in the shadows make for moments of dark and understated intensity…” 7/10! [Full Review]
(Whisperin’ & Hollerin)

“There is a lot of musical talent out there, you just have to keep digging, then you turn up little treasures just like this.” 7/11! [Full review]
(The Rock Club)

Previous Reviews:

 [Scrabble] is blessed a punky piss-take, ‘Circled A (I Wanna Be Anarchy)’ kind of Beefhearts a knock to Johnnys knackers and the riff is old and cliched, but its nicely fattened and nastily sharpened, yeah, Ill buy that. Late school Marc Bolan spends an awkward, but tender moment with Macca on ‘Hayfever’, beautiful stuff. Go check him out.”
(Unpeeled Magazine) 

“You might not have heard of Tuttle – but all of that could be about to change.”
(The Cornishman)

“Now the bass hovering on the event horizon of feedback and the fat riff molesting sparse percussion in a mix that seems acres wide is called “Suited Slave” and the pouting drawl being chased by mini-guitar bursts is called “Vacuous”, only it’s not. This shit is weird and very cool, this shit is very much like Chris Summerlin & Bill Nelson (mmn) handling the axes for a pre-birth version of Garbage. All a very poor way of describing this rather excellently staged and recorded crash-splash between pop, experimental drift, shameless, funky riffery.”
(Unpeeled Magazine) 

 “…a restrained but pleasingly warped lo-fi Space-Blues, Tuttle masters the use of sparse arrangement to underpin his musings on life in the rat-race, an empty-headed woman, recent fatherhood and marriage….  The guitar arrangement and playing are superb – Tuttle understanding that less is more… “
(Whisperin & Hollerin)

 “There are some ecclectic, sometimes experimental mixtures of percussion and synth sounds with odd juxtapositions of ideas sat behind an electric guitar and a mournful but youthful voice….  I am glad I persevered with Tuttle, in truth its dark and angst-y work is an acquired taste, but its also poetic, interesting and hypnotically unusual….”
(Unsigned Central)

“Hats off for providing such a looming track [Suited Slave] in more ways than one. It’s got a most definite presence about it, and it isn’t altogether friendly….”
(Sound Click)