Here are two of my published works:

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This is an anti-civ novel that recounts the efforts and emotions of a few friends in pre-, mid-, and post-collapse England…..  Gritty and unflinching, it is no rosy, utopian romp; rather, it stresses the tough parts in a scenario that includes both interpersonal and social changes. Very good food for thought in terms of our own projections, analyses, desires. Brava….

Green Anarchy (John Zerzan)

(Return) is a hard hitting and thought provoking title dealing with the issues of environmentalist extremism, beliefs and poses the question, just what lengths are we prepared to go through to save the planet?

 It paints a terrible and haunting vision of a future, where modern society has collapsed and people struggle to survive in a world where civilisation no longer exists….

Falmouth Packet


Word Thief


Word Thief is a collection of poetry, short stories and strange couplets.


Many of them have been published in journals before.  This is the first time they have been collected together in one (slim) book.

It is available as a free download or in paperback